CAN-MDS II Action: Work Package 2 - Preparatory Phase

WP2 - Preparatory Phase 

Objective: to ensure that capacity building activities and pilot testing of the CAN-MDS in the participating countries are adequately prepared in terms of resources (including CAN-MDS training modules, Toolkits and necessary evaluation tools for activities under WP-3 and WP-4) and concerning practical aspects (national adaptation of material and customization of national plans)

Steps to be followed

  • Revision and update of the Master CAN-MDS Toolkit and CAN-MDS Training Module (including special sessions on identification of CAN cases, tools and procedures for reporting and routing screening -where applicable) 
  • Collection of country specific information for the national adaptation of the CAN-MDS Toolkits
  • Preparation (revision or development) of national CAN-MDS Toolkits and training modules on the basis of revised Master Toolkit and cultural adaptation according to country specifics
  • Revision of the evaluation tools for 1. capacity building activities (WP3) including the training of the national administrators and Local Coordinators and seminars for the professionals-operators and 2. pilot testing of the system (WP4), depending on the implementation plan per country

The results of the above evaluations will be used as basis for the main dissemination activities (WP5) that will aim to enable policy initiatives for sustain CAN-MDS Systems after the end of the project, train additional professionals to become operators and expand the methodology to other EU countries.

  • preparation of the ground for the piloting of the system
  • preparation of national policy briefs that will address key-representatives of relevant sectors aiming to inform them about the project 
  • formulation of national inter-sectoral boards involving key-stakeholders (including at least one meeting before starting of system’s piloting) having as main tasks to
    • represent their sectors
    • support national implementation and 
    • been informed for monitoring results of the piloting
    • support the sustainability of the system (after the end of the project)
  • detailing of the 6-month national plans for piloting the CAN-MDS system by Local Coordinators (and national partners in case of Romania, Bulgaria, and Cyprus). At this phase 
    • the level of piloting and sectors to be involved will be concluded
    • national Administrative Authority and national CAN-MDS Administrator will be identified, recruited and fully informed on their role 
    • practicalities in terms of technical means would be arranged and 
    • professionals to become CAN-MDS Operators deriving from multiple disciplines and working in relevant sector will be identified and recruited

WG2 - Detailed Activities

1. Revision of Master CAN-MDS Toolkit and Training module

1.1 Revision of CAN-MDS Toolkit (e-application, operator's manual and data collection protocol)

1.2 Revision of training module for the professionals

1.3 Adaptation of master CAN-MDS training module 

2. Development new or Revision of existing National CAN-MDS Toolkits & Training modules 

2.1 Development/Revision of nationally adapted CAN-MDS Toolkits (depending on partner)

2.2 Development/Revision of national CAN-MDS training modules (depending on partner)

[2b] [Alignment of Existing Systems to CAN-MDS (National Toolkits & Training modules)]

2b.1 For countries where CAN surveillance systems exist: exploring whether & how the CAN-MDS operational methodology can be introduced into existing surveillance system procedures 

2b.2 Incorporating into national training modules all the necessary adjustments 

3. Planning the CAN-MDS piloting 

3.1 Development of national policy briefs addressing key-sectors 

3.2 Formulation of national inter-sectorial boards with stakeholders from key-sectors 

3.3 Detailing 6-month national piloting by using the pre-defined criteria (P&P Manual) 

4. Revision/development of the evaluation tools (for WP-3 and WP-4 )

4.1 Development of evaluation tools for assessing piloting results at national level 

4.2 Development of evaluation tools for assessing professionals' training (for both, the National CAN-MDS Administrators & national groups of operators)


D1. Revised Master CAN-MDS Toolkit

a. e-CAN-MDS registry; software (MySQL & php); English; electronic 

b. CAN-MDS Operator’s Manual; English; e-doc

c. CAN-MDS Data collection protocol; manual; English; e-doc

d. CAN-MDS Step-by-Step Guide for the Administrator; Annex I Off-line databases; Annex II Tool for definition of eligibility criteria for Operators; manual; English; e-doc

D2. Revised Master CAN-MDS Training Module

a. CAN-MDS Training Module; manual; English; e-doc

b. CAN-MDS Trainer’s Guide; manual; English; e-doc  

c. Training material (including presentations; mock cases; other supportive material); English; e-docs

D3. Development/ Revision of nationally adapted CAN-MDS Toolkits

a. e-CAN-MDS registries; software (MySQL & PhP); [BG; CY; FR; GR; RO; ES]; electronic 

b. CAN-MDS Operator’s Manuals; [BG-Bulgarian-R; CY-Greek-D; ES-Catalan-D; FR-French-R; GR-Greek-R; RO-Romanian-R]; e-doc

c. CAN-MDS Data collection protocol; manual; [BG-Bulgarian-R; CY-Greek-D; ES-Catalan-D; FR-French-R; GR-Greek-R; RO-Romanian-R]; e-doc

d. CAN-MDS Step-by-Step Guide for the Administrator [BG-English-D; CY-English-D; ES-Catalan-D; FR; GR-English-D; RO-English-D]; e-doc

Bulgarian Toolkit | Cypriot Toolkit | Greek Toolkit | Catalan-Spanish Toolkit | Romanian Toolkit


D4. Development/ Revision of nationally adapted CAN-MDS Training Modules

a. 6 National CAN-MDS Training Modules [BG-Bulgarian-R; CY-Greek-D; ES-Catalan-D; FR-French-R; GR-Greek-R; RO-Romanian-R]; e-doc

b. 6 CAN-MDS Training packages (including presentations; mock cases; other supportive material); [BG-Bulgarian-R; CY-Greek-D; ES-Catalan-D; FR-French-R; GR-Greek-R; RO-Romanian-R]; e-docs 

Bulgarian Training Module Cypriot Training ModuleGreek Training Module Catalan-Spanish Training Module Romanian Training Module