CAN-MDS I - WS.1: Preparatory Phase

Literature review on methodologies for building MDS and Country reports on available CAN surveillance mechanisms



- To identify the methodological principles for developing Minimum Data Sets

- To identify and map existing CAN Surveillance Systems and available Indicators


Duration 8 months



Activity 1: Development of a literature review protocol including search methodology and criteria for identifying effective methodologies for developing of MDSs in different fields (such as mental health and health services, social services and epidemiological research) for different target-groups (such as minors and elderly) via different routes (such as hospital admissions and home visiting programs)

Activity 2: Conduct a literature review (in international literature) on the basis of the protocol will be resulted from Activity 1

Activity 3: Development of a template for drafting "country profiles" about available CAN Surveillance Systems/ Infrastructures and indicators

Activity 4: Review of existing national CAN surveillance mechanisms and drafting on the basis of the template (Activity 3) 7 country profiles including practices applied in participating countries and mapping the existing mechanisms for CAN cases follow-up



Deliverables of the preparatory phase

Developing Minimum Data Set: Literature Review Protocol --> Report on Methodologies for developing Minimum Data Sets (MDS)

Template For Country Profile Reports --> Country Profile Report Series

1. CAN Surveillance in Bulgaria: Current Policies and Practices

2. CAN Surveillance in Flanders: Current Policies and Practices

3. CAN Surveillance in France: Current Policies and Practices

4. CAN Surveillance in Germany: Current Policies and Practices

5. CAN Surveillance in Greece: Current Policies and Practices

6. CAN Surveillance in Italy: Current Policies and Practices

7. CAN Surveillance in Romania: Current Policies and Practices

8. CAN Surveillance in Switzerland: Current Policies and Practices