CAN-MDS II Action: Work Package 5 - Dissemination

The aim of WP5 is to further lobbying at EU, national and sectoral levels towards adoption of permanent surveillance of CAN

Objectives include:

  • to develop a comprehensive dissemination plan
  • to create a series of policy briefs presenting the results of CAN-MDS pilot implementation 
  • to draft policy recommendations at EU-level on systematic data collection and potential adoption of CAN-MDS at a permanent basis
  • to organize an EU conference (M24) inviting representatives of implementers and non-implementers EU countries as well as EC representatives for presenting officially the results of the project

Other dissemination activities during the project’s life

  • maintenance and updating of Project's Website ( 
  • presentations related to CAN-MDS results in relevant national and international conferences
  • preparation of policy recommendations and policy briefs in national languages

WP5 - Detailed activities

  • Development of a dissemination plan (including activities to be implemented in the context of the project and activities for further dissemination in national level after the end of the project)
  • Maintaining and updating Project's (current) Website ( 
  • Implementation of dissemination activities according to the dissemination plan
  • Development of policy briefs presenting system’s aims and piloting results 
  • Drafting policy recommendations at EU level based on the project’s results as well as at a national level (in national languages including country specifics’ adaptation)
  • Organization of an European Conference for announcing the results of the project (Athens-EL)


CAN-MDS Policy Recommendations

European Countries [English]  |   BULGARIA [Bulgarian]  |  CYPRUS [Greek]  |  GREECE [Greek]  |  ROMANIA [Romanian |  SPAIN [Catalan


CAN-MDS Policy Brief Series

CAN-MDS Policy Brief (European level) [English]

2021: BULGARIA [Bulgarian]  |  CYPRUS [Greek]  |  FRANCE [French]  |  GREECE [Greek]  |  ROMANIA [Romanian |  SPAIN [Catalan]  

2019: BULGARIA [Bulgarian]  |  CYPRUS [Greek]  |  FRANCE [French |  GREECE [Greek][English]  |  ROMANIA [Romanian |  SPAIN [Catalan


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