CAN-MDS II Action: Work Package 4 - Piloting of the CAN-MDS System

WP4 - Objectives

To pilot test CAN-MDS System 

  • in 6 EU countries, in real settings, at different levels (local, regional or national)
  • involving front line professionals deriving from multiple disciplines and working in multiple sectors with or for children who fulfil prerequisite eligibility criteria and are already sensitized on CAN recognition, reporting and recording

To assess system’s

  • efficiency 
  • applicability
  • usability

 WP4 Detailed Activities

  • Implementation of 6-month piloting of the CAN-MDS System and (adapted) methodology in various settings and scales (local, regional, national level) in 6 countries 
  • Continuous technical support to National CAN-MDS Administrators and/or local coordinators on issues related to technical and operational aspects of the systems
  • Continuous monitoring of CAN-MDS pilot implementation, collection of data and progress reporting to National Inter-sectorial Boards
  • Pilot monitoring
    • Two at least National Inter-sectorial Board Meetings where progress will be assessed, potential problems and ways to overcome them will be discussed (during the pilot phase)
    • Two at least bilateral skype meetings during piloting phase, every 3 months, with each of the implementing countries with the following participants: local coordinator, national administrator, project leader or coordinator, external evaluator and expert on ethics. In these meetings progress and any issue identified by local coordinators and Boards will be discussed
    • One in situ monitoring visit will take place from project leader to each country where the above issues will be discussed 
  • Reporting on CAN-MDS pilot implementation at a national level and comparative evaluation of national trainings (mainstreaming)


Piloting of the CAN-MDS System in real settings: Bulgaria Cyprus Greece Romania Catalonia-Spain and EU level report