CAN-MDS I - WS.2: Transfer the MDS practice to CAN field

Definition of MDS content, Creation of CAN-MDS Toolkit and Development of evaluation components Objectives
To develop the CAN-MDS toolkit (MDS content, data collection protocol and guide for professionals) on the basis of WS1 Deliverables
To evaluate the CAN-MDS methodology in terms of feasibility Duration
8 months Activities
Activity 1: Drafting of the CAN-Minimum Data Set Toolkit (content of MDS, data collection protocol and guide for professionals) including a special section on Ethics
Activity 2: Developing of evaluation methodology and tools for CAN-MDS Toolkit
Activity 3: Evaluation of Toolkit in terms of feasibility (via a group of at least 10 international experts) and Report of Evaluation Results
Activity 4: Final revised version of CAN-MDS Toolkit (English language)

Evaluation of CAN-MDS Toolkit by a group of international Experts (related to Activities 2 & 3)

1. Draft CAN-MDS Toolkit
2. Evaluation methodology & tools for CAN-MDS Toolkit
3. Report of Evaluation results
4. Final CAN-MDS Toolkit including  Operator's ManualProtocol for Data Collection, e-Tools/Forms (online), stand-alone application & instructions (downloadble version)